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The doctors tell me I need to have chunks of my lungs fried with lasers. Very sci-fi. Also, sadly, very expensive. If you think you can help with that, there’s a GoFundMe right here. Contributions very much appreciated but not at all required.

Latest Work:


Riptide” – Rachel lives in bondage, both physically and emotionally. Hatred of her mother, envy of his sister, and a lust for the nearby beach keep her alive. When a new friend comes along, she may have the answer to all those problems… but should she take it? The story begins here!


Believe Me – WIP. Current word count: 20,648/80,000 (approximate.) Lila Morrigan claimed to have psychic powers… but was exposed as both a fraud and a criminal. When she delivers new warnings to Dr. Gabriel Michaels, is it another scam… or a genuine message from beyond? See a short excerpt here!

Latest Video:

Having a chat with Little Miss No Name!

General News:

“Riptide” begins – 1/19/18

“Layers” is finished. – 1/19/18

General site maintenance continues. Let us know what you think of the redesign! – 1/14/18

Making arrangements for possible merch. Have a suggestion or request? Let us know! – 1/14/18

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