Distractions and Yahoo Answers

Hi, everyone. Many apologies for being away for so long. I know I’ve been terribly random with posting, and beg your forgiveness. Life just has this tendency to slam you all at once with everything, especially when it’s been quiet and calm for practically forever. Hard to find time to write anything of substance, let alone keep spamming the interwebs when you’re suddenly buried under new friends, lawyers, interviews, publicity events, two websites you’re supposed to be putting together and that silly thing called “needing to sleep” all at once. I know that sounds like whining, but it really isn’t. It’s all good stuff. Just a lot of stuff.

I was planning on either posting a romantic (sorta) short or the first chunk of Fifth of Jack today (and still might, later, if I get a chance) but then I was poking at all my assorted social media and realized I hadn’t logged into Yahoo! Answers in just about forever, so clicked it. If  no other reason than to get my “login bonus points” and see if any aspect of it had changed while I was away.

Long story short: It hadn’t. In my “suggested topics” bar was the same number of oddly-worded (obviously taken right off the homework sheet) questions, the same number of people who are (in essence) asking “write my story!” and the same number of “God will fix/judge you/your friend so sayeth <insert biblical passage here> answers.”

This is why my “level” is so low. I hardly never see anything I really feel like answering. Also means I don’t have enough points to “cash in” to ask questions of my own. Probably for the best, since I’d end up asking “What the hell is wrong with you people?”

I know, it’s not showing my best side, but still. Every time I look at Y!A, I think to myself “Doesn’t anyone actually do their own homework, anymore?” And when I foolishly look at the Books & Authors threads, where it seems like 95% of the questions amount to “I have a girl who’s new at school and she likes a boy how do they meet and would u read it and what should it be called and what are my character’s names” and the like, it makes me want to tear my hair out.

I don’t know. There’s been a time or two when I’ve posted a question (when I was attempting to do research for Ioudas, I was attempting to gather up all manner of traditions and mythology as regards Judas Iscariot and the Sicarri, and prodded every source I could find.) The “answers” I got – ranging from “You’re going to hell for writing about this!” to “my church says he murdered Jesus and is damned,” none with any actual thought or “hmmmm” concepts in them (let alone coherency, grammar or spelling) – pretty much said to me “stop trying.” But I suppose I can comprehend using it for a brief poke, a sample, a chance to attempt to locate new ideas or just get opinions. But these people that seem to use it as their homework-machine and who beg others to write for them, essentially… those bug me. A lot.

It’s the latter that bothers me the most. Claiming to be a writer, then essentially asking the internet as a whole to do your job for you, seems somewhat insulting to me. Those that manage to get their requests answered, and go on to claim the result as “their” work, when you can still obviously see the cut/paste formatting from them lifting it directly off the answers while they go about patting themselves on the back and claiming they’re “great writers” drives me utterly buggy. And also prompts me to attempt another social experiment.

If I did that, my experiment would be to create a new Yahoo ID, log into Answers, throw out a couple of generic sentences “I want story about a girl and a vmpre. But don’t kno whut to do. Halp!” Then collect all the resulting answers, actually attempt to write it and prettify it, then see if anyone noticed. Of course, if they did, it’d become plagiarism. But it could still be fun.

Ugh. Anyway. Ranted enough, I think. Moral of the story: “I don’t understand people, I’m sorry I’ve been lax in posting, I’m working on fixing that, and I’m a sourpuss.” Until next time!


4 responses to “Distractions and Yahoo Answers

  1. I love yahoo answers. It amuses me >:) Human stupidity amuses me to no end. I love giving sarcastic answers in the relationships and dating section. Mwahahahahah

  2. Oooo er, Yahoo Answers sounds just like the kind of thing I should avoid – it would be bad for my blood pressure! I’ll stick to doing my own research and writing then if it’s pants, I only have myself to blame. 🙂

    • Y!A does tend to cause incidents of double-vision, migraine and hypertension, yes. Occasionally there’s a gem in there, or it serves a purpose, but for the most part… ow. Just ow.

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