Creepy Story Inspiration Time!

ImageIt’s October. The month where all the oogitiy boogities supposedly come creeping about and dance and caper. I found this pic elsewhere (crawling around Facebook, I believe), with the attached suggestion of “Make a two line story about this pic!”

I did; Mine was “It was there again. I thought burning it would be enough, but apparently not.” I then got a little crazy and kept going with it. Deciding this was rather amusing, I figured spreading it around wouldn’t be a bad idea, but then got further amused while I was contemplating something else – as I’m prone to do; mid conversation, I may suddenly shout “SQUIRREL!” and derail myself; I wrote about the creative version of this in an earlier post – that being, that every reader should, at some point, contemplate writing something themselves. Anything, really. Just to give it a spin.

Ergo, I challenge you, readers – if you’re of a mind, anyway – to continue the story. What would you have to say about Mr. Rabbit, his keyhole, and his return from apparent immolation? Post in the comments, drop me a line on Twitter or Facebook, or just hijack the pic and post it on your own blog. Kinda curious to see how other folks would do it. Hopefully at the end of the month, I’ll post how I ended the story, and the versions that others had that I found entertaining will also get highlighted. So give it a rip, and enjoy the season! Happy Spook Season, everybody!



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