Zombie Questions

Since I have a terrible affliction in that I feel compelled to share zombie love, thought I’d spread this one around. Some interesting questions in here, and stuff that might (hopefully) bring the poor little dead guys some more attention (with the possibilities for branching out) like their bloodsucking cousins have gotten.

Jack Flacco

Today, for Monday Mayhem, I thought I’d try something different. As opposed to writing a post dedicated to zombies, I thought I’d write a post asking questions regarding the zombie genre instead. I’m hoping you can help me understand what you, the reader, like about zombies, as I know it will also provide me with some valuable information as to what kind of stories entertain you.
Zombies Zombies

Are you ready for a heavy interrogation session? Good. I’ll ask the questions, then I’ll add a comment or two to get the discussion started. Let’s have some fun!

Do you consider zombies part of the Horror genre? Some folks think because zombies run, jump and attack like raptors they belong in a Steven Spielberg movie for kids. What do you think?

Should filmmakers and/or authors think about including gore in their stories? This is a straightforward question, but it depends if we’re…

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2 responses to “Zombie Questions

  1. I know I thanked you on my site, but I also wanted to extend my deep appreciation for reblogging my post. It certainly has become a highlight of my week. Thanks again!

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