Twitter’s Kind of a Strange Place

I mean, really. It is.

I freely admit, I am not a great and important part of the Twitter revolution. I’ve never been particularly sure what to do with it. So I retweet things that make me laugh, occasionally give a shout out to other folks, let people know if I posted something new, and occasionally give vague mini-bitches or snarky remarks.

Probably not the most effective use of the platform, I’m aware. That’s okay. There’s some cool folks I’ve met on Twitter, and there’s been some amusing conversations (and if you have the chance, you should probably be following @TBlackford3, if you’re into snarky horror. Man’s got a sense of humor and style that has been sorely lacking of late. Or you can just follow me – @KaineAndrews – and then parrot most of the folks I’m following. There’s quite a few good ones there), so I figure it’s doing what I want it to, at least for the time being.

What I don’t get – and possibly part of the source of my general “I Don’t Get It” moments on Twitter – are the folks who do literally nothing but advertise. Sure, if you’ve got a product or something you want to share, that’s all well and fine… but adding in some actual content once in a while won’t hut you.

This was exemplified today when someone semi-randomly messaged me telling me they’d read my Wattpad story if I read theirs. Theirs seems to be teen boy-band fanfic – I admit I haven’t dug too deeply into it – while mine is religious fantasy/horror fiction. Not seeing a lot of crossover there. But, hey, I’ll give anything a rip at least once, if only to satisfy the curiosity.

But then I clicked this person’s feed, and noticed they had 10.2k tweets… and every single one of them was identical, with the exception of the addressee. I scrolled through dozens of pages, not finding any deviation.

This troubled me. It causes me to question my existence. Why I do the things I do; how I do them; am I doing them wrong? Which brings me to the (semi) point:

How do the rest of you use Twitter? Do you use Twitter? What do you think of those who use it almost exclusively as an advertising platform? Let us know in the box below! (And if you’re of a mind, feel free to leave your Twitter IDs down there, we’ll see about giving you a follow or two, eh?)


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