Random Scribblings (Guess the Reference!)

Flitting between assorted work related issues, but just had to post this… primarily so I remember it later. Plus, it’s amusing to me, and might be amusing to those of you out there.

Three main characters. Seemingly with little in common, but tying them together shouldn’t prove too difficult given the framework I’ve been pondering.

First, there’s Mr. Crowe. Mr. Crowe is a scrawny, unassuming young man with nothing to hide. Or is he? He wishes he could remember, but a troublesome head wound and subsequent amnesia have left him with nothing but a large black hole where his past and personality should be. If asked his fondest wish, it would be the recovery of his mind; but when the chance arrives, will he actually take it… or be too frightened of what he might discover?

Then there’s Marcus. At least, that’s what he’s calling himself lately. Yesterday it was Andrew; tomorrow it might be Jared. He’s been so many people even he has difficulty keeping it straight anymore. But it’s not like his personality shifts – or the things he does, both pleasant and seemingly psychopathic when playing a part – are without a purpose. Mr. Nobody has gone his whole life unable to truly feel anything, but he believes it’s merely because he has yet to stumble on the correct combination of personality traits. He wishes someone would just hand him the key, gift-wrapped and ready for use, for that particular puzzle… but he’s willing to work for it, if necessary.

Kaole Black has lived a sheltered life amongst his tribe, but has never felt like he truly belongs; the old ways are, in his mind, dead. He wants iPhones, malls, and the Cult of Celebrity, not rigid rules and the responsibility to the tribe. But as his seventeenth birthday approaches and his father informs him that he must undergo the Test of Valor to earn his place among his people, Kaole begins to wonder if the old ways are really dead… and to worry that he isn’t man enough to stand with his people. He wishes he knew which way to turn… and that he had the courage to make a choice and stand by it.

Anyway. Just being semi-random. More later, perhaps.


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