Little Miss No Name idea bouncing

Continuing on from the madness of yesterday’s post regarding that delightfully creepy doll, I find myself unable to put it aside. Thus I’m sitting in the freezer’s parking lot, pecking away on a temperamental touch screen because she won’t get out of my head. Apparently LMNN has a story to tell, and she’s not going to let me rest until I do it. Meanwhile Judas, Vlad, Dr. Gale and Mr. Curry (alongside their assorted hangers on) get shoved back while the little homeless doll demands her turn. Silly Prince Syndrome.

So far, a few details have begun to emerge, while others remain murky; since some of you are of the mindset that enjoys seeing how work in progress develops (and since I’m sure her initial outing will be at least semi-brief and make an appearance on this site soonish)’ I figured I’d share some of the ambiguous points. If nothing else it may make for an amusing contrast and compare session with the final product.

* Is LMNN a living doll, a possessed/haunted/cursed object, or a haunted/cursed real little girl?
* When the “bad things” (whatever they may end up being) start happening, is LMNN to blame? How much? Directly – she killed her new “mommy” – or indirectly – something else follows LMNN and causes the troubles? Should I even explicitly lay such blame, or leave it ambiguous?
* How long has this been going on? How many “mommies” has LMNN gone through, and what effects, if any, has this had on her mindset?

Now, at this point, the story is being written from LMNN’s perspective, but I haven’t yet decided if that means the doll is actually alive (regardless of the how factor) and penning her “memoirs” or if ultimately it’s the imagination of her current owner making her speak, or something in between. I’m also certain that there’s a trail of dead little girls with only a certain doll to serve as witness. How each child found the doll will be different, and the final circumstances may range from asphyxiation to fatal stabbing… But ultimately, LMNN is at the root of it. I’m certainly having a demented bit of fun finding my way to it.

I’ll leave you with a quote, that I enjoy quite a bit. “Most children have a name. Something their mommies and daddies gave them, even if they never gave them anything else. Something to know is theirs and nobody else’s. I don’t even have that. That’s me, Little Miss No Name.”

Damn haunted dollies.


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