Random Thought Regarding Piercings

So, this morning I was contemplating piercings. I think it was due to the 7-11 clerk who sold me coffee and cigarettes and had more metal than skin on his face.

Through a long series of cross associations in my head and a plane that came in low over my workplace as I was parking, it led to me picturing this scenario:

Rock-star type has a bit of a problem getting through security. After removing the ear, eyebrow, nose, lip, tongue, cartilage and nipple piercings, he reveals he has a Prince Albert. Security, embarrassed, finally sends him through. Once aboard the plane, he blows it up, with a grenade that had been surgically inserted… Erm… Downstairs. The Prince Albert serving as the detonator. I mentally dubbed it “Pulling the Pin.”

I have issues.


2 responses to “Random Thought Regarding Piercings

  1. LOL that’s a funny one. Sounds like something I’d think of. Or even dream of, because my dreams are dipped out of the pool of random.

    Really, though, I swear TSA people are unable to be embarrassed. Got something implanted? They’ll take you to a private room and do a strip search. My mum had to do that before because she has a TENS unit she has to use when she flies, plus a bunch of metal in her back from having several vertebrae fused, and some TSA people got nervous and had her escorted to a private room and manually searched. Yay for no bombs! But they cautioned her to try to cover the wires from the TENS unit so people wouldn’t freak out. 😛

    • Oh, I’m sure that actual airport security is much less likely to just let things go… But I was still amused by the image, at least, and if I felt like it could probably find a semi-plausible workaround. Part of me wants to, but I have too many things on my proverbial plate as it is… Le sigh.

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