Random story seed musings

I know I should stop “having ideas” and maybe finish working on some of those that I’ve already started pecking away on, but that’s harder than you might think. So a couple of thoughts that occurred to me over the last couple of days:

1. Those nifty cryogenic facilities that are holding dead bodies, ostensibly for the day their injuries can be repaired or their terminal conditions cured. Supposedly Walt Disney’s in one; other rumors claim Michael Jackson or John Wayne are ice cubes. What if they actually got the technology working, managed to resuscitate one of these individuals… but their “soul” – for lack of better terminology – was long gone? What impact would that have on the restored person… or those around them?

2. What if someone – or a group of someones – were completely unaware of snow? (Any weather phenomenon could work, snow just came to mind when I was thinking about it.) They’ve never seen it, heard of it, have no word for it, no idea what it is, how it appears, or what it means. How do they react to it, what impact does it have on them and their society (regardless of size)? And, being who I am, in my own mind, the snow would actually be something else. Ash belched from a waking dragon, or dandruff flakes from a mountain that’s actually some ancient titan about to lay waste to humanity. But one could do something more poignant and simple with it, if one wanted.


3 responses to “Random story seed musings

  1. My hubby has a TBI and the day he was injured everything he was went away, and all that was left was a shell. His soul, his being, his memories died that day, the body lived on. If the cryo folks woke with no soul and brain damage from the freezing they’d be like that. Even if they woke with fully functional brain and memory their loved ones would be dead and gone and they’d wake up alone and way behind the times. They’d be like lonvely cave men.
    When I lived in Southern Cali we would drive to the mountains to see the snow at least once a year. Sometimes I’d bring friends along who had never seen snow. It was always an amazing experience for them. I don’t think ash would be so much fun
    – interesting story seeds

    • Sorry to hear about your husband.

      So far as the “lonely cave men” image, I think I rather like that. Now I’m contemplating a commune of these individuals. Somehow I don’t think it will end well for them. (But then again, it rarely does for my protagonists.)

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