More on that Soldano thing…

I mentioned in a previous post that I was suddenly fixated on an individual by the name of Soldano, who was apparently a vampire and being pursued by some sort of cop (probably a former officer, judging from the tone my dream-narrator was using.) I figured if I actually sat down to write it, it’d probably just be a little short, most likely with my unnamed hero dying a messy death or only vanquishing Soldano at the expense of his own life or humanity. Fairly typical stuff, but as noted, I’m trying to learn to love my own work, and it’s the idea that I sit down at do it that’s important, not if it’s some magnum opus.

But the more I thought about it, and the more I wondered about my still as-yet-unnamed protagonist, the more I considered the possibilities. I had already decided that I was going to be digging into Slavic and Eastern European folklore for my story (in case Dmitri’s mention of rusalki and upir in the previous post’s snippets hadn’t made it clear), but while poking around the Internet for things I could use I found enough dangling threads that made me wonder if I could do more with my little hero. Now in my head he’s something akin to a Russian-immigrant version of Dean Winchester, pursuing threats and beasties on a slightly grander scale than one Mafiya vampire. I suspect this also means that Dmitri may be more than he initially seems as an exposition dump.

Probably also means I’ve seen way too much Supernatural, and have read American Gods too many times, but oh well. Like I said; learn to love the work, rather than be concerned that it’s somehow beneath you or not up to snuff. So now I toddle off to go dredge up info on Perun, to decide what relationship he has with my hero. Hmm.


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