Even More Soldano stuff.

So, Mr. Soldano and his hunter have decided to take up permanent residence in my brain, as implied by the previous post regarding them. On the bright side, it does mean I have a project that I can force my “one sentence a day” requirement on without resorting to cleaning up Ioudas‘ issues. Additional high points include actually deciding who and what my unnamed cop protagonist is.

I’ve decided – or he decided for me and then told me, since that’s what my characters seem to insist on doing – that his name is Grigori Perron. He’s in his mid thirties, and until recently was a police detective in New York’s Brighton Beach (also known as Little Odessa) area. He’s adopted; one biological sister named Sascha, two adopted brothers (Victor and Michael.)

His biological parents are a mystery to him; his sister, being slightly older, has a few vague memories, but those aren’t necessarily to be trusted. He isn’t particularly concerned; he considers his adopted parents to be mom and dad, and tends not to dwell on the existential questions of “who am I and where do I come from?”

He had a wife, for a while, but she had a bit of a drinking problem, and took severe offense at the hours his work kept him away from home, the two circling and feeding on each other until the marriage imploded. They remain distant, but occasionally still talk. She has a young son, Peter, but claims it’s not his. He suspects otherwise, but hasn’t had the heart to force the issue.

Greg suffers from insomnia and severe nightmares, keeping them at bay with large amounts of caffeine and heavy-duty sleeping pills when he absolutely must rest. He’s probably well on the way to being an addict, but would never admit it.

Sascha disappeared six months ago. After refusing to let go of the case and allowing his work performance to suffer in other areas, he was finally put on indefinite leave from the police department. He’s currently living off his savings and what favors he can call in from his family and the few contacts he’s made over the years with people in his line of work, but can’t maintain that status quo for long.

He’s beginning to pull himself together and resign himself to not ever knowing what happened to Sascha when a name comes down the wire to him, a name he knows from his former career: Anatoly Soldano. Supposedly the two were seen together less than 48 hours before her disappearance… And Soldano went underground almost immediately afterward.

Greg is, of course, not the sort to just let this go. Lacking any pull in the department, who are tired of his ideas as to where Sascha could have gone and thus disinterested in any further investigation, there’s only one thing left for him to do: hunt Soldano down himself. Of course, there’s always the possibility that he’s being hunted as well, and that his quarry isn’t strictly human… But that’s where the fun begins.


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