Friends and my fanfic urges

So, Friends just went on Netflix. Yes, that means many of you are about to lose 110 hours of your life watching all ten seasons again. I am of course included in that “you.” I admit it.

But clicking that “watch” button reminded me of something I was thinking about awhile ago when someone asked me where they could go with the series if they, for some reason, brought it back; in their mind, the show was complete as is, with nothing left to say. I don’t necessarily disagree, but I still insisted on pondering it. So, for those of you reading, I now expose where I would have taken the series:

It’s five years after the finale. Rachel, Ross and Joey would – in the beginning, at least – be relegated to secondary or infrequent appearances; to start with, we’d be focusing on Chandler, Monica and Phoebe.

Well, two of them, anyway; Monica has died in a tragic accident. Chandler is losing his mind, taking care of the twins and dealing with his grief, when Phoebe arrives on the doorstep with the offer of assistance and the suitably comic yet depressing idea that she is occasionally possessed by the spirit of Monica.

Maybe that’s a little dark for a “sequel” to a reasonably light hearted comedy, but I think there’s of ideas that would allow for more typical Friends moments as it progressed. In time, Chandler would start dealing with his grief more productively, though with occasional mishaps involving “Monica.” His relationship with Phoebe would deepen, until he’d come to realize that he actually loves her, not just the part of her that’s channelling Monica. Wacky hijinks ensue.

Not sure if I’d be able to make the call on whether Phoebe was actually possessed, or if it’s just more of her bizarre methods of trying to help people, or if it even matters which it was; it’s just my excuse for making my favorite pairing out of the cast, that I just happen to think has some entertaining avenues to explore. If I could arrange for Ross and Rachel to die terribly somewhere along the way, that’d probably be good, too. Ahem.

Anyway. Just babbling while I prep for work and Monica debates with herself if it’ll be noticed if she sneaks out of her bedroom to put her shoes where they go. Friends fans will understand.


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