Because Nanomachines

I’ve played too much Metal Gear. I know this. I accept it. I also know that my understanding of miniature robots and the uses of nanomachines is essentially nonexistent, with the exception of the things I’ve learned from that series, which means “sci-fi bullshit that is completely implausible and silly.”

I’m okay with that. Because the current purpose I’m putting that “knowledge” to really shouldn’t be grounded in any way in logic; I’m not working on a sci-fi epic to rival Dune. I’m working on an attempt a humorous horror adventure. So, I said to myself, what if my cybernetically-enhanced Vlad Tepes were to sire someone after getting those “upgrades”?

I had been beating my head against the wall, writing and rewriting, not liking any result until I decided that “hey. The Nanomachines did it” and decided that, like the thirst for blood, immortality and supernatural powers, several of those mechanical upgrades would also be foisted on his progeny. This opened up some new plot avenues (the one proving most fruitful is that his new fledgling is actually inherently talented with electronics, and thus much better at using these upgrades than Vlad, which is ripe for comedy and plot development.) and finally gave me a place to use a character I’d created some time ago but who never really had a home story.

Potentially, I’m going to offend someone; some computer savvy individual who actually knows what nanomachines can and can’t do is probably going to be taken aback by the liberties I have taken. (But hey, why can’t a colony of nanomachines created by a Frankenstein substitute build metal fangs, a cool eyepiece and a Robocop-style data spike?) But for the purposes of the story, it has to happen.

What about the rest of you? Are you happy to take liberties – or fabricate from whole cloth – the properties of “real world” technology or ideas to support your story structure, or do you insist on authenticity and realistic usage? Is it a crime to go the other way, or just not your style? Let us know in the box below!


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