A Wizard’s Tools. Or Something Like That.

Found a stupid picture on the internet today, and I laughed, so had to share.

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But then my combination analytical/”I do believe in spooks!” mind kicked in, so I felt like babbling about it for a minute.

I believe in ghosts. I believe in a lot of metaphysical things that most people would refer to as bullshit. I am unconcerned; I tend to go with the creed of “it’s not doing anything to you, so it’s my business what I believe.” I am not the type to go about attempting to convince others of my beliefs, nor do I seek to make a profit – sham or otherwise – on “insider knowledge from the other side.” I believe what I believe, I have reasons for believing it, and if that means I spend more on salt and sage than ordinary people do, it’s not hurting anything other than my pocketbook, so… yeah.

But Ouija boards – and other mass-produced devices designed for contacting spirits and/or demons or otherwise working “magic” – bother me. Primarily because, according to most magical theory – and yes, you will have to assume for a few moments at least that there are some semi-logical rules that govern such things, so sorry – the implements a given individual uses in their workings contain a bit of that individual’s… soul? Aura? Will? Something between or beyond all three? Pick a term, not really that important. But a large part of magical tradition for thousands of years was that a would-be wizard either made their own tools or earned them somehow from another. And that their will – or the will of the original maker and/or possessor – influenced and aided in the work. Intent was and is key to the process.

That’s all fine and well. Makes sense to me. If I’m tampering with the metaphysical, I would assume some of my own metaphysical “fingerprint” is going to be involved. If I need some kind of tool to do it, I’d imagine that it would have its own fingerprint as well, and it’d probably be preferable if that print was either similar to my own or at least in tune with what I’m hoping to accomplish.

So if our wishing-to-be-a-witch needs to talk to the spooks, it’s beneficial to have some means of communicating, and if she took a crystal geode from somewhere important to her and polished it up and carved the seven secret names of God into it with a knife that had been sanctified by moon-blessed water and her own blood and she did all that while thinking of what she wanted that crystal for, I imagine it’d – theoretically, at least – work better. It’s in tune with her. It’s part of her. It had a purpose in its creation, and whatever spirits may govern magic rocks got the memo.

Laugh if you want. I’m being somewhat deliberately facetious, but the point is in there if you want to look for it.

So that magic crystal has been prepped to be a tool, and our whimsical warlock (and yes, I know that quite a few actual practitioners hate that word, but I like my alliteration, so deal with it) has filled it with her will, her intent and her aura. Great. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but I imagine for the most part, it’s probably reasonably “safe” in her hands or the hands of someone she entrusts it to (unless that person is into voodoo curses…) because it’s been “stamped” by her and for her.

There’s the problem with mass-produced items like Ouija boards. Some factory is stamping them out by the thousands. They have a purpose and intent – to open the way between the physical and the supernatural. But they have no soul. They have no “creator’s will” to govern the use of that supposed ability. They’re an empty vessel, waiting to be filled with… something. But what kind of something is going to come for a cold, dead item that was manufactured alongside thousands of identical items by passionless, emotionless, conscienceless machines?

That’s what worries me. Assuming such things work, nearly anything could get in there, taint the usage, pervert the power, whatever. Then turning around and basically marketing it as a kid’s toy or a party favor… that sounds like a really terrible idea to me. Even if you don’t believe in such things, but have a semi-open mind, I imagine that’d be a slightly troubling concept.

Just my brooding for the day.


3 responses to “A Wizard’s Tools. Or Something Like That.

  1. I think all pink demons are sweet and fluffy so we’re safe. 😛 Just kidding, I don’t mess with the spirits and they don’t mess with me and thus far that seems to be working for me. As a child someone tried to harm me in that manner and finally said she couldn’t because I was protected by a light of some kind. I’m not much of a believer but I keep an open mind.

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