About that Lonesome Road stuff

I’m not trying to turn this place into a video games blog. I swear. If you’re enjoying them, that’s good; if you’re not and want to know where my cranky whining and bits of “important” fiction are, I say sorry. They’re still there, just not as prolific as the New Vegas stuff at the moment. I’m in a slight mode of creative burnout caused by illness. When you’re sick and feverish and can’t get comfortable, hiding under the covers with a controller and a bottle of NyQuil is better therapy than trying to hammer out a sentence that makes sense on so-called “serious” work. Then your mind drifts and you start making up an internal monologue of what you’re doing in the game, and then you say “Hey, if I write that down, then I am still abiding by my ‘I must write at least one sentence every day’ rule, and besides, someone else might find it interesting…” and there you have it. Abusing Steam’s screenshot functions is just icing on the cake.

Those who know the game well will probably notice I’m taking a few liberties – notably the mention of Ulysses long before you’d ever really get a chance to meet him in the game, or the Courier having a bit of a past with Benny – that are born from me trying to make a more coherent narrative out of my exploits and make Courier Six more of an actual character instead of the cardboard cutout that represents the player. I’m also skipping over some of his/my activities in the Mojave (non-plot-related sidequests or foraging for Star bottle caps, f’rex) that don’t fit nicely into the narrative flow I’m trying to establish. In the fictional universe, Courier Six is already a badass; in the game universe, I need to go find some XPs, yo.

Anyways, hopefully they’re entertaining to at least some of you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. And I return to the bed with 1200mg of ibuprofen and another shot of NyQuil. Take that, Caesar!


One response to “About that Lonesome Road stuff

  1. Take care of you, write whatever you like since you can’t really do anything else, can ya? The words do what they will.

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