Book of the Yellow Circle

Letting my mind wander leads to all sorts of strange ideas. Felt like doing something Cthulhu-ey. Started it; we’ll see if I’ve got the tone right or if its actually going anywhere. Parts of the idea are resurrected from an old Vampire: The Masquerade campaign I played in, parts are new, and parts are lifted from the stereotypical Mythos-inspired vault. Let’s see if I can put them together in an interesting and useful way, shall we?

Only have the one chunk right now; may post more later if I end up tinkering with this instead of finishing off The Road or the Lonesome Road series. We’ll see.


From the journal of William P. Weatherly, Esq.

July 26, 1927

Made a most curious find this afternoon. Was helping Langley with another of his infernal estate shipments when I came across a book that seemed out of place; looked positively ancient compared to the rest of the items with it. After blowing the dust off and having a closer look, was both repulsed and intrigued. Seemed to be of Arabic origin, given the nature of the script, but the ink was a rust color that brought to mind childish fancies of tomes penned in the author’s own blood, whilst the cover was bound in a substance that felt both like bizarre leather and somehow familiar in an unpleasant way.

Langley unimpressed; said the original owner – a gentleman by the name of Pickford – had been quite eccentric and prone to collecting bizarre objects. Knowing of my own proclivities towards old things and difficult-to-read manuscripts, Langley offered to allow me to keep it, if I wished. Couldn’t refuse the offer, even though there was a strange aura around the tome.

Initial attempts at translation are proving difficult. Appears to be ancient Arabic of some variety. Thus far I have only managed the title: Kitab diggera al-asferah, I believe. “Book of the Circle of Yellow.”

Have never heard of such a thing. Will continue attempts on the text itself, though the script is heavy-handed and faded in places and the tongues of the Middle East were never my speciality. Isn’t as though there is much to do with Roget handling the business, and a project may break the damnable lethargy that’s come over me of late. Perhaps will write to John; his interest in old dusty things outstrips my own and his penchant for pedagoguery will likely shed some additional light.



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