It’s Never Too Late To Make A Change Your Life

The message here is pretty equally applicable regardless if your dream is writing, comedy, or performing solo synchronized swimming (which is actually a thing.) Comments disabled here; please check out the original post.

Colin M. Drysdale

Over the last few months, those who regularly visit this blog will have noticed that my posting rate has dropped quite dramatically. There’s various reasons for this, but primarily this is because I’ve been tied up in my day job rather a lot, leaving me little time to blog. This will hopefully change in the near future, as I’ve set aside the whole of April for editing the third book in my For Those In Peril series (called The Island At The End Of The World), and that will lead to me, once again, re-immersing myself in all things zombie.

However, while I’ve been away from the blogosphere, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about life, and how I ended up where I am today. Even five years ago, I had little idea that by 2015 I’d be a published novelist, and blogging was something I knew almost…

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