Amazon Keeps You Smiling

I’m sure there’s plenty of people who are already aware of this, but for those few who aren’t, I’d like to take a second to remind you all to smile when you shop at Amazon. If, rather than typing in, you instead opt to type, it will donate 0.5% of your purchases to a charity of your choosing.

There’s plenty of options available, though the one that I find most relevant is the Friends of the Washoe Library, since it’s somewhat local to me; there’s lots more available, though, and I’m sure if you do a search you can find something on whatever scale or cause you’d prefer to support. So give it a try. Admittedly, half a percent doesn’t sound like all that much, but if you contemplate what the average budget is for some of these organizations, and how much you probably spend on Amazon over the course of time, that’s liable to add up pretty quickly. So give it a try, eh?


11 responses to “Amazon Keeps You Smiling

  1. This is great! I didn’t know about this and it’s the perfect way to spread the love to the charity of my choice. I love the idea of being able to share it as well. Thanks for letting me know!

    • Sure thing. Amazon nags me about it every time I go to the “basic” site, but a lot of people have their pop ups and such configured so they might not have seen the “hey!” message.

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