My Brother’s Keeper – YouTube “Ask The Author”

I can’t resist biblical puns or allusions. Have never been able to. Despite my unconventional spelling, at least half the reason for my name is the bible story, so when it came time to name my YouTube series, I had to have a callback to it.

As some of you know, I have a YouTube Channel. It’s rather empty right now, mostly consisting of videos I liked or small playlists of things that might be of use to myself or others. And one very strange LittleBigPlanet video.

It’s almost time to finally put my webcam to use and record myself babbling to you folks, and I have a couple of small things I’m planning on addressing, but to really attempt to generate some content, I need your guys’ help.

At least part of the program is going to be Q&A; if you’ve got a question for me, whether specifically about myself and my work or a more general one about writing and publishing, or even something unrelated to books, drop it in the box below or e-mail me.

If you’re an author or other creative sort who’d like me to discuss your work, drop it in the box below or e-mail me.

If you know just what to say to make Katy Perry or Rebel Wilson fall madly in love with me… yep! Drop it in the box below or e-mail me! (Kidding. Mostly.)

If your question, suggestion or general commentary is used, you will of course be acknowledged and linkage can be provided; apologies in advance as I currently lack any fancy video editing software, so it will be somewhat rough and embedded links aren’t yet an option… but we’ll get better, I promise.


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