Catching Inspiration

A lot of good points made, here. Also, the image of fish just falling into people’s laps amused me, and is spot on. (Comments disabled here. Please comment on the original post.)

Heart of a Lunatic

A lot of artists I look at with respect (writers and otherwise) have a problem with ‘waiting for inspiration’ and I get it, I do, but there’s a distinction I (sometimes) think is important to that doesn’t get talked about a whole lot. There’s passive waiting and there’s active waiting. It isn’t even that inspiration needs to “find you working”… It’s that you need to have the skill necessary to do it justice when it does hit, and the need to practice kind of comes with the territory.

That’s why I write as much inane bullshit as I do on a private site, a virtual notebook where I just write for the sake of writing sometimes, or file away quotes, or draft pieces of a story I’ve been trying to flesh out. I’m driven to write even when I’ve got nothing to say but even beyond that, I need to be able to write…

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