Random Thought.

I’ve been reading a lot about space colonization lately. No particular reason. It came up, I found myself buried in Wikipedia. It happens. But this morning, a thought occurred to me, as they are prone to do, relating to some of the statements made by individuals who are contemplating hopping into the space tourist landscape or are otherwise plotting for us to one day inhabit the moon, Mars, or other outlandish locales. It stuck with me, so now I’m inflicting it on you. Because I do that.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Or so they say. Now, that means that men come from a place that was potentially once a bright and sunny wonderland, that has since become a blasted, nearly-dead wasteland, but that still holds hope of one day being useful, productive, happy and full of life once again. Women come from a place that is, was and probably always will be completely inhospitable to all known forms of life, drenched in acid rain, subject to pressure that would make the Kraken explode, continually subjected to temperatures approaching the unmeasurable range due to instrument damage and has a penchant for hiding dangerous aspects of itself behind misty, happy clouds and winking down at us from above while whispering “You know you want me.”

And some folks wonder why men and women can’t get along…

That probably sounds terribly misogynistic, and I don’t mean it that way. I just snickered at the idea. Don’t blame me. Blame that guy who decided we’re from other planets and picked those two. I mean, he could have said women are from the moon – dark and mysterious, hiding part of themselves but willing to share it all under the right circumstances, potentially a place for expansion and survival – but no. He picked a fireball hellhole of a planet.

Okay, now that I’ve offended everyone, look at Sam Winchester, while I run away.



3 responses to “Random Thought.

  1. So women originated on a planet that no man could or will ever be able to survive? Hee hee, that’s not misogynistic it’s kind of a compliment and kind of a “hey, that makes sense”. It means we are stronger than you could have ever imagined. Of course God knew that too, it’s in his word, he created us to help ya’ll out, remember? Meaning the poor fellas weren’t good enough all on their own, they needed some serious helping. Only makes sense he’d choose a stronger planet for the origins, no? Bwah ha ha ha ha

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