From the Art Department

The art minions have been attempting to do chapter splash illustrations for the stories in Insomniac Nightmares. Here’s what’s come through so far. Keep in mind they’re preliminary and have minimal digital editing or touch up done to them, but your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Collage View

I think I’m happiest with “Fang Bangers” and “The Road,” though the eyeball on “Woman at the Window” freaks me out a bit. I just have a thing against disembodied eyes, I guess. “Randolph” probably needs some work so the pencil looks like it’s covered in blood rather than Kool-Aid, but the fingerprints work there, I think. Overall, reasonably satisfied with round 1.


2 responses to “From the Art Department

  1. Not too bad, maybe lower the text about a half inch on “The Road”. You’re right about the pencil. Wonder what it would look like with an eye on either side of the woman at the window one?

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