Fictional Troubles with Vampires and Writer’s Block(ing)

So, Blood and Steel has been trundling along at a decent pace recently. There was actual hope that it might one day be finished. Perhaps even one day this year. There was progress, and development, and wonderful scenes of love and puppies (well, maybe not, but you get the point.)

That ended today. I’ve written a wonderful scene wherein Brand the gargoyle comes upon some vastly important information and calls his lord and master to tell him. Said lord and master is less than interested, being occupied with the seduction of Monica Harkness, but Brand insists.

Okay. That’s all fine. But then… dead end. Complete shutdown. See, plotwise and chronologically, I know what happens next; Brand fetches Vlad, has a bit of a row with Monica, and the trio head out to meet Teddy who will theoretically hand them Isaac on a platter. (If none of these character names mean anything to you, I’m sorry. So long as it’s not yet Sunday evening on April 12th, you are more than free to read what’s finished so far – minus one chapter – right here on Wattpad.)

But I don’t think I can just skip from Brand’s end of the phone call to Vlad’s and carry on from there. I feel like I need something in between that shows Vlad making inroads with Monica. But given how Vlad and Brand part ways and Brand’s call, I either have to do it all in past tense recap, which feels awkward and lame, or have to figure out a way that it’s not confusing that I just rewound an hour or so to continue in the same voice.

Or I can just ignore it and slip in occasional past-tense references to the present-tense moment where Vlad and Monica are at her apartment waiting for Brand to get there. Or I can rewrite the last chapter with frequent scene breaks to flash between what Brand is doing to what Vlad and Monica are doing, but I don’t know that I like that one either.

Ugh. Maybe Blood and Steel needs to go on the back burner while I do something else for a bit. I dunno.

I did have an amusing idea while watching The Last Samurai, earlier; zombified or mummified daimyo at the period just prior to World War I, trying to return samurai to prominence and abolish the “modernization” of Japan. Don’t know what I’d do with it, or how much would be blatant fanfiction plagiarism of Katsumoto’s characterization in Last Samurai, but… well. We’ll see.

Back to the word processor with me. *cracks whip* Mush. Mush!

Like my brain, today.

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2 responses to “Fictional Troubles with Vampires and Writer’s Block(ing)

    • For the time being I’m just picking up the narrative with Vlad hanging up and not worrying so much about the “middle,” even though I think it’s important. Momentum is more important right now; I can always muck with it in the rewrite, eh?

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