Catfishing, Polyamory and Psychosis: Story Idea

Woke up this morning with an idea that apparently doesn’t want to go away. I’m not entirely certain where it came from – I rarely am – but felt like inflicting it on you folks. Maybe get some quick opinions, notes that it’s already been done, or just so it gets out of my brain so I can go back to work on Blood and Steel (which, while sadly no longer available on Wattpad, has finally crossed the 25k word mark and has finally gotten to a scene I wanted to write since I started, so yay.)

The premise: A young(ish) couple, probably thirty to thirty five (much younger and I don’t see it being buyable, since twentysomethings tend to be all over each other without additional impetus; much older and it starts to get creepy and awkward to me) who like to play games to keep the spice in their relationship. One of their “games” is to have one post an ad on a dating site; the objective is for the other to find said ad, and romance their partner all over again. The catch is that the one who’s “it” in this little game of internet hide and seek has to remain reasonably anonymous, so the “hider” doesn’t know for sure if they’re chatting up their spouse… or some other random person on the interwebs.

One afternoon, while the hubby is “it,” he hits on the profile that he thinks is his wife’s. E-mails exchange, things get saucy and spicy. Meetup is arranged.

It’scrying bunny not the wife, of course. But she wants to be. I haven’t figured out anything specific or decided exactly where it’s going, but once she’s in the door and the husband starts questioning things – like maybe this lady may actually be a better fit than the one he’s married to – she starts to lose it and might be up for anything to get rid of that pesky wife. You know, dead bunny stuff, though probably much more subtle and pervasive to start.

The rabbits would like to remind the readers that I in no way endorse the events at the end of <i>Fatal Attraction</i>. Besides, with “Woman at the Window,” I’ve fulfilled my dead rabbit requirements for the year. So the lagomorphs are safe. For now.

We’ll see if it actually goes anywhere. One never knows. If not, at least I have this dangling plot hook for later use.

Also, bonus random knowledge drop; putting metal in your microwave is actually unlikely to cause the massive destruction conventional wisdom claims it will. I found it amusing to learn this. But I’m currently in the process of utterly ignoring fact in favor of conventional wisdom and folklore, and having a chubby-chasing gargoyle dispose of evidence by blowing up a house via microwave. It will be fun.

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