Sometimes We Have Other Interests

A lot of the folks I see on WordPress or similar sites that I follow for “professional” reasons – generally authors, but some artists, editors or general advice gurus – seem to have a very strict policy regarding what goes on their site. In essence, if it doesn’t directly relate to the subject at hand, it is irrelevant and should not be discussed.

I can understand that idea. I can even get behind it, to a degree. But at the same time, I’m one of those people who tends to be interested in things beyond the work. While I’ve said before, and stand by it, that I’m not going to base a decision of whether or not to buy The Scarlet Gospels based on whether I agree with whatever political agenda Clive Barker has allied himself with today – I’m buying that book because it has Pinhead and D’Amour in it, and Barker writes well, and that’s as far as that needs to go – that doesn’t mean that I’m not curious as to what those political leanings might be. I like to know stuff about the people I read, watch or listen to. I suspect I’m not the only one.

I’m not adverse to letting personal issues and life bleed into my supposedly “professional” persona over here, but I’ve been wondering if just “letting it in” is perhaps the wrong track. I’m not saying “get rid of it.” I’m saying “embrace it, and make it part of your platform.”

Admittedly, I’ve got some pretty scattershot interests, but I’m sure I’m not the only person out there that loves playing Diablo III and also reads horror novels. I’m certain that there are others besides myself who will sit there and make snide remarks at Steam while playing whatever atrocity was last on sale, but will later go research the practical effect of microwave explosion or the internal workings of the Catholic Church circa 200 AD.

So I’m spreading out a bit. Hopefully what that means to you readers out there is more stuff from me that you might find entertaining. Realistically what it means is you’ll probably have the chance to watch me chuck my mouse at my monitor and stalk away when my poor little Seasonal Wizard gets into trouble she can’t get out of with Teleport and two bonus resurrections. I signed up for Twitch, and after wrestling with the assorted software for a bit, think I have it doing what it’s supposed to do, so people can watch me fail at Diablo if they’re so inclined. The link is right here.

Anyway. I guess the point of this is that we creative sorts tend to be spastic and all over the place. Our “known” face, our “business” persona, isn’t the sum total of our being… and I don’t necessarily think it’s bad to let some of those other aspects show once in a while. Be silly, be rude, be lazy. But most of all, be human. I suspect that can make you more interesting an approachable to your target audience, especially when compared to some aloof entity that exists only for the expression of their art and nothing else.

What about you folks out there? Got some hobbies, nervous tics or interests that don’t typically show through? Share them! Embrace them! Love them! Let us know about them in the box below, if you’re of a mind. Until next time.

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8 responses to “Sometimes We Have Other Interests

  1. For me, the blog is itself a hobby…

    If my work schedule permitted, I would love to get into community theater – on stage or in the pit orchestra of musical theater, doing the set work, etc. But my crazy schedule will never accommodate such things. Sigh.

  2. It’s always interesting o get a peek behind the curtain to see who the author really is. What you write about away from work would be a goldmine to a psychoanalyst or an anthroplogist. Experiment on us first.

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