Writing Prompt Challenge

I get bored and sidetracked easily, at times. That leads me down all kinds of bizarre avenues. Today, I was scribbling on a piece that I have no bloody clue what I’m doing with, but I was having fun.

Then I said to myself: “Self, that’s a strange sentence to start off with.” “Yes, self, it is. I think that’s why I like it.” “But, self, what will other people think, if they see that sentence and don’t know what comes next?” “I don’t know. Perhaps we should ask them.” “Yes. Let’s.”

Since it seems to be a “thing” to offer up writing prompts and throw open the floodgates, to see what spills forth, I’m going to give you all my opening sentence. Your task? Write something to go after it. You can keep it to yourself, post it on your own website (and if you do that, feel free to drop the link in the comments section or do a pingback link so it pops up) e-mail it to me at kaineandrews [at] gmail [dot] com (with the understanding that if I think it’s fun and entertaining, I will probably post it here) or drop it in the comments section below.

I’m genuinely curious to see what others might do with this. Not because I think my opener is grand and amazing, but because it has a certain elegant ambiguity about it that could lead to all manner of tales, both “grounded” and fantastical, literal or metaphorical, all based on how one interprets one single word.

You guys ready? Okay. Here you go.

writing prompt 1

“I was only six when I saw the monster fall off the roof.”

The rules? Rules, you say? There aren’t any. Take the sentence, run off into the sunset, and have your sordid way with it. Have fun. I suppose those are rules. Share your own take on it, discuss, critique and flambé it, if you’re of a mind.

Until next time, folks.

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