My Daughter Came Back To Me

Well, it happened. My darling, who ran off to join the circus several months ago, has returned. As predicted, her knife is not so shiny, her hair is matted and dirty, her little scrap of burlap is soiled, and she lost the pretty ribbons I put on her and her Twilight Sparkle lunchbox.

lmnn crying

See how sad she is?

In other words, Little Miss No Name was rejected in her bid to appear at It happens. So her hair has been rebrushed, a new scrap of burlap has been granted her – no new lunchbox, this time – and I’ve taken a whetstone to her knife, then kicked her back to the streets, in search of another new home. We’ll see if this bears fruit. If not, it’s back to the salon for another go-round. As I mentioned in an earlier post, while I was hopeful, I held no illusions that my darling daughter was going to head off to school, become rich and famous, and never return again. Perhaps her second foray shall be more fruitful. Or not. I have a list lined up, and adding to it as I go, of places that might take in my little orphan. So, we’ll see.

In somewhat brighter news, Woken has been confirmed for a June 1st release date. So, yay in that department. The fact I got both e-mails on the same day made the bad news from Tor a little easier to take. At least progress was being made on something I’d done. I’ll probably be setting up a Thunderclap and a few other announcements, once I have the proper cover art files and a link to share, so keep an eye out for that.

Last, for the horror readers and writers out there looking for something new – okay, so not new, precisely, but something of interest that may have escaped attention – you might want to look at Robbed of Sleep. It’s an anthology series put together by Troy Blackford, who is also an author you should check out if you’re into tales of the horrific and the bizarre. Might I suggest For Those Who Have Eyes To See? It’s my personal favorite. Only Mr. Blackford could make googly eyes disturbing and dangerous, and the other stories in the collection were also amazing.

But back to the original topic, Robbed of Sleep is an anthology piece, with two volumes already out and a third on the way. All very good stuff, and while I’m posting this a little late for anybody to make the deadline for Volume 3, there’s that handy bookmarks bar you can add it to, to be prepared for when Volume 4 starts taking submissions (which should be August 15th, unless things change in the meantime), plus there’s two excellent volumes already available on Amazon.

Yes, I sent my darling off to toddle alongside such talents as Mr. Blackford and Todd Keisling (who has a lovely story, The Other Land Express, in the first volume of Robbed of Sleep, along with a great number of shorts available through Amazon, and is disturbing in all the right ways, I thought.) Fingers crossed that they’re willing to keep company with her.

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