A Funny Thing Happened In Line Today…

This afternoon, I was standing in line with my pet artist, when an individual in the line next to us started talking to her. She, being a friendly sort, talked back. Some might have considered this a mistake, but I myself found it fascinating.

His opening salvo in this conversation was the opinion that the individuals working the windows to which our lines were headed were secretly government employees. Their job was to watch, and report. Because we should never trust the government. Under any circumstances. He continued to expound on this theme for quite a bit – the wait was long – eventually including all individuals who work at or are associated with schools, welfare agencies, politicians, lawyers, but most assuredly police officers and correctional guards.

Those last, you see, are secretly demons. Along with three quarters of the inmates. Demonic servants of all the apostolic religions. Our esteemed lecturer proceeded to inform us that he had been placed in prison by these individuals, where he got an education on the “real” world. They even took a hit out on him, he told us, because as a member of an unidentified “episcopalian faith” that was opposed to the “apostolic overlords,” he had true power, the power of Christ, over such demons, and they feared him, so wanted to have him killed before he interrupted their plans for world domination.

Sure, you could look at it as the rantings of one paranoid individual. But what fun would that be? It’s way more interesting to come at it from the angle of “What if…?”

What if prisons are indeed a “hell on earth,” designed as training and breeding grounds for the demoniac warriors of the future? What if a wrongfully accused (or even rightfully accused with justifications that were ignored by the apostolic overlords, or rightfully accused who comes by his actual righteousness in prison) individual is made aware of such evil plots? What does he do? What can he do?

I don’t know… but I think I’ll be quite amused attempting to find out.

I think the lesson for my fellow pen-slingers here is: never stop paying attention. Process everything. Devour the world, because you never know what weird nugget is going to sit in the mental filter and make you ask the questions that cause you to reach for the keyboard, the pen or the typewriter.

Off to poke the idea, see if it bites.

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5 responses to “A Funny Thing Happened In Line Today…

  1. A few years ago David Icke said he was the son of God and everyone laughed. A few thousand years earlier, another bloke said the same thing and the Roman army went after him. You just never know who you’re talking to.

    • I think context counts, here. 😉 One of these individuals was out performing miracles and gathering followers. The other is best known for claiming the royal family is full of shape shifting lizard men. XD

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