Why Would You Do That?

Was skimming through my reader this afternoon, making a valiant attempt to play catch up with all my virtual friends – I have been remiss this week, as I work my way through beta reading a fascinating historical fiction novel, but I promise, I’ll be better soon. Really. – when I saw a post that was interesting, positively ripe with the tantalizing fruit that says “Reblog this, comment upon it, learn more!”

Of course, therein was the problem. I couldn’t. For some reason, this person didn’t allow for comments or reblogs. Scowling at my screen, I went back through their previous posts. And discovered that not a one of them allows for comments, reblogs or likes. There is absolutely no way to reach out to this person, to give any indication that you read what they had written, or to have a conversation with them about it. I even checked for an “About” Page (they didn’t have one) or a “Contact” option (which was likewise missing.) Nada. Zilch. Zero.

This left me quite puzzled. I mean, there’s plenty of blogs who leave such options there, but don’t respond or interact with their visitors. That’s bad, but I suppose I can at least grasp that kind of mindset; they want to read all the people who adore their marvelous writing without getting the dirty plebe dirt on their immaculate persons. If that sounds snarky and bitter, that’s because it is. Sometimes comments may slip past me, or I’m left scratching my head and without anything meaningful to say in response, but I at least am trying; the idea of not even doing that is bizarre to me, but from a certain mindset it makes sense. I guess.

But the idea of someone who just throws their words to the wind and then traipses away with no option for the reader to say or do anything about those words… that’s a mindset I can’t understand at all. In particular when you’re presenting your blog as a place to showcase your stories, to market yourself, and to attempt to “help” others with the knowledge you’ve gained during your time in the field; how are you supposed to know if any of it is any good, or useful? How are you to determine what needs clarification, or what areas you haven’t covered that you probably should?

I just don’t get it. Maybe someone out there can explain it? Why would you lock down all your avenues of interaction with your audience?

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12 responses to “Why Would You Do That?

  1. Maybe they didn’t do it on purpose? You could link to the URL in this post and that would send them a message and then they could read this post, know it’s about them and possibly realize what they’re blog is set for? For all we know they may be wondering why no one cares about anything they write?

    • You never know. I’m refraining from sharing the links that way due to witnessing the fallout from some strange folks getting techty about links, reblogs and mentions seen places they don’t necessarily agree with.
      I did finally find a way to contact them – after jumping through a lot of link hoops to get to a Facebook page – but they haven’t responded to me asking, yet. We’ll see.

      • Honestly I wouldn’t have either, even a month ago. And really, it shouldn’t be a concern unless you’re deliberately and maliciously attacking them… But some of the things I’ve seen lately have shown there’s some fascinating kittens on the interwebs, and they seem more capable of making trouble than they should be. With everything else that’s going on, I don’t really want to potentially add dealing with the WordPress Illuminati and pointless legal battles right now. Heh.

      • Ha ha, I only torture them when they come to my dungeon of their own volition. Otherwise I leave them alone.

    • No idea; some of their info was interesting and possibly helpful, but there’s plenty of non-interactive ways to find that info elsewhere, and lots of blogs on the subject where you can actually feel like you’re talking to a person, so…

      *shrug* To each their own, I guess.

  2. Maybe it’s a temporary thing to stop spam. I recently blocked comments on old posts in the desperate hope an SEO spammer would have his spambots ruined. I’ll turn comments back on in a few weeks.

    But I don’t understand it either. Unless the blogger has no ego whatsoever and only writes to satisfy some creative urge to ‘get the words out.’ But I think if someone takes the time to visit and comment you should acknowledge that, no matter how brief.

    As for the no-repliers: there is a level of hell preserved for them. (It’s a spot next door to those people who never visit your blog even though you’re a regular visitor and commenter on theirs.)

    • Well, I went back through several of their older posts and couldn’t find any that had comments or share/like statistics. I think they really are from the tribe of either utterly lacking an ego or having one so large they have no need for interaction.

      Just bizarre. To me, anyway.

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