Random Book of the Day

As one of the perks of my new employment, I get to take a book home every day. Sometimes more than one, if we do particularly awesome. Since most of what crosses my desk that I would consider taking home are tomes I either already possess or have possessed at some point, I think I’m going to make a habit of claiming the oddest thing that I see in a given day. Unless something floats over that I absolutely must have, that is. Then I’m going to share it with you folks. Because I can.

Today was a “must have” day, given my fetish/research/writing regarding Judas Iscariot and Mary Magdalene. So it’s bucking the trend that’s only a day old, but still. The Book of the Day today is this:


The premise is that Mary Magdalene and several of His other female followers gather for the Sabbath between His death and His resurrection. Wackiness ensues. I don’t know what sort of wackiness just yet, as I haven’t had a chance to crack it open, but… we’ll see.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s random book of the day; I’m going to try to find something reallybizarre. Given that our load includes a shipment from Salt Lake, this should be amusing…


4 responses to “Random Book of the Day

    • Only 60? XD Sorry, couldn’t resist. Indeed, there were a ton of books that didn’t make the cut or were removed and branded as heretical when Irenaeus got happy with his red pens; Mary Magdalene, Judas Iscariot, Thomas and Phillip are just some of the more well-known Gospels that got chucked. Crazy (and fascinating) stuff.

      Alas, to my disappointment, this wasn’t actually related to the Gospel of Mary Magdalene; it’s a bit of speculative fiction serving as a “What-if” moment of Jesus speaking to his “real” followers – re: women – and thusfar appears ready to devolve into crazy patriarchal conspiracy theories at any moment. Still an interesting read, though.

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