Book of the Day

Today’s random tome of insanity is this:


I’m sure that’s a question many of you have pondered at some point. No? Just me?

Anyway; this was actually in the first load of books that crossed my desk this morning. I set it aside, thinking I would have to switch it for something else, but all through the rest of the day, nothing else proved as tempting, so here you go.

I had no idea what it might have been about, but with a cover and a title like that, who could resist?

Turns out it’s one of those “imponderable” type books; the sorts that ask questions everyone has at some point considered but thought too stupid to ask. (Another favorite of mine in this genre is Do Penguins Have Knees? For future reference, they do.)

While I have yet to get to the titular question, I have learned a Nietzsche was a notorious masturbator, and it didn’t hurt his eyesight one bit; Charlie Chaplin was into hookers and that a sizable contingent of folks don’t consider bestiality to really be immortal (“so long as it hurts none, do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” seems to be the theme, there) in its “purest” form, but the typical portrayals of such acts make even those otherwise unopposed to the idea of making love to a sweet little lamb cringe.

I don’t know how useful any of this knowledge may be, but at least I learned a few things today. So can you, if you feel like checking out the book; it can be found on Amazon right here.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exciting episode, as I see what other odd things I can rescue from the stacks.

Until next time…

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