Book of the Day

Apologies for not getting this up yesterday. There was the urgent business of attending Mad Max: Fury Road to attend to, which prevented me taking to the keys as I should have. I may or may not have something to say about the film later… depends on my mood and if having some more time to process it alters my mindset or not.

But as far as what was claimed from the stacks yesterday, we offer this little gem:


It doesn’t seem like much – and certainly doesn’t fit my aforementioned desire to find something truly odd each day – but it seems interesting; from the brief portion I have had a chance to read, it seems a pseudo-sequel to Dracula, dealing with the bonds and obligations inherent to family, using the events of Stoker’s novel and its titular character as a backdrop for the idea of “daddy didn’t love me and I hated him for it.” Thusfar, it’s a little whinier than I might like, but seems like there might be some good stuff buried in there, if I can wade through the Sam Winchester-level whimpering about family. We shall see.

However, what made me bring it home wasn’t necessarily the book itself – though skimming the back cover interested me enough to make me try it rather than discarding it in favor of Christopher Moore’s The Stupidest Angel, which also crossed my desk – was what fell out of it when I rifled the pages to ensure they were all still attached properly:


It’s a postcard. And I laughed too hard at it. So I had to bring that home.

Since I now keep somewhat sane working hours, there shall not be a book of the day post this afternoon or on Sunday, but rest assured, I will devote time Monday to locate something else bizarre for you folks. Until then…


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