Hey… Don’t I Know You…? Body Doubles

This week’s inspirational tidbit came about while I was watching a documentary on body doubles, followed by one discussing the symbology of Nazism. As I’ve noted before, sometimes weird things go into the mental blender and produce delicious – if psychotic – smoothies that disrupt my work on other projects because they just won’t go away. Well, it happened again.

As most folks know, important figures throughout history have used body doubles. Whether it be for efficiency – since the Emperor can’t be everywhere, but he might want to project the appearance that he can – or self-preservation – all those pesky assassination attempts sure do get tiring – or some other reason is up to the individual seeking or employing a doppleganger. But we know it happens… and we know that, on at least a few occasions, it works.

Tying specifically to the ones I’m peering at right now, there was a point where the Russians were all but certain they’d found Hitler’s body. But no; they actually had found a guy by the name of Gustav Weler, who had been killed and left behind to confuse the Soviet Army and make them think they’d succeeded in their mission. It even worked… for a little while.

Now, there’s tons of conspiracy theorists that claim Hitler didn’t die during WWII at all; that the body found in the bunker was yet another of his doubles, and he went on to life a nice quiet life in Bermuda with Eva Braun or somesuch. I don’t know that I buy into those stories, for one major reason; you’re telling me that the guy who was so psychotically motivated that he turned a whole country into a death factory and was capable of damn-near conquering Europe just sat down on a beach somewhere and said “Well, that was fun. Think I’ll have a pina colada or two and watch the world sail by.”? Yeah. Not buying it. But it’s also not the idea that decided to bubble in my poor little mind.

I’m sure someone else has hit upon this before, if not in relation to Hitler, at least in the broad strokes.

What if Hitler – as in the “real” Hitler, the individual born to Frau Klara Hitler circa 1889 – had actually been dead the whole time? Further what-if, suppose one of his body doubles was actually the one commanding the Reich?

And of course, given my mentality and temperament and the weird blending that always occurs when I think about such things, what if that body double-slash-actual “Hitler” wasn’t entirely human, and all the occult symbology, the Society of Thule, and the fixation on wiping out Jews and Gypsies (both of which are groups often connected to magic and mysticism, for good or ill, throughout history) had a little more meaning to it than just being the daily dose of crazy sauce?

The fact that one of Hitler’s body doubles went by the name of Schreck – which means “terror” or “fright” in German – just made it even more interesting, to me. And that he died just before things started going really wrong over there.

I have issues.

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