Supernatural Parody of “Shake it Off”

I believe I have found the happiest video in all of YouTube.

The Supernatural Fox Sisters

Hilly Hindi angel dancers Supernatural Parody Even dancing with angels doesn’t keep Dean Winchester from enjoying a burger in Supernatural Parody

Season 10 of Supernatural has come to an end, but now you can revisit the highlights to the tune of young Dean Winchester’s favorite song in Supernatural Parody. In The Hillywood Show‘s latest music video we revisit Dean Winchester’s struggle with the Mark of Cain through a parody of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.”The screenplay was written by Hilly Hindi, and the video was directed by sister Hannah Hindi. Dean Winchester is played by Hilly and Hannah plays Castiel. Osric Chau (Kevin Tran of Supernatural) gives us a shorter version of Sam Winchester. Though Osric sports a fantastic Sam wig, he can’t compete with the flowing locks worn by Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley of Supernatural) who played the part of Cain. Supernatural Parody shows us that even Demon Dean can’t resist a catchy tune.

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