5 Creepiest religious miracles and mysteries

You know, it’s been thirty years of prodding the subject and lord knows how many theories and ideas thrown at me, but the Shroud of Turin still freaks me out, hoax or not. (Comments disabled here, please visit the original post.)


Were taking a look at 5 of the most chilling religious miracles and mysteries from around the world. For the faithful these apparent miraculous events are proof that we are not alone in this life. For sceptics theses supposed miracles can all be explained rationally and are no more than the product of over active imaginations. From holy statues that seemingly weep tears of blood, to a mysterious burial shroud said to contain the crucified images of Jesus Christ, we count down 5 extremely mysterious religious miracles.

5. Weeping and bleeding idols
Throughout history there have been numerous reports of religious icons and pictures seemingly weeping, sweating and in some cases bleeding. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent within Roman Catholicism and there are many well reported cases of statues of christ and the virgin Mary excreting oils and blood like substances. Although often passed off as hoaxes, this phenomenon…

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