Reed Still Missing

(Article from Phoenix Sun, August, 2015)

Reed Still Missing, Authorities seeking “person of interest”:

Darius Reed, 32, of Phoenix, AZ remains missing, nearly two months after his failure to return to work following a planned vacation. Friends and family members describe their emotional state as “worried.”

“He’s never done anything like this before,” his mother is quoted as saying. “Not even as a teenager.”

“It’s like he just vanished. His phone goes straight to voicemail, his e-mail and Facebook have been cancelled. We’re all just hoping he comes back safe,” Edward Gottlich, Reed’s supervisor at Coyote Book Scavengers says.

Authorities are currently pursuing leads relating to a person of interest, described as having been seen with Reed at the airport as he was returning home last April. This individual is described as being tall, red haired, missing his left eye and last seen wearing a floor-length gray duster buttoned to the chin. Security photographs are, at the time of this printing, not available.

“We’re doing everything we can to find Darius,” FBI spokesman John Delano says. “We’re hoping, just like many of his friends and family, that he’ll walk through the door with a perfect explanation of where he’s been and what’s happened.”

When asked if he considered this scenario likely, Special Agent Delano remained tight-lipped.

Authorities are urging anyone with possible information on Mr. Reed’s whereabouts, or on the identity or whereabouts of the individual he spoke with at the airport, to come forward.


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