Stuff happening all over the place…

Transcript of Session #22 with Julia MacPherson.

Dr. Haviland: Good afternoon, Julia. And how are we feeling this afternoon? Better, I hope.”

Julia MacPherson: “Um. Er. Not really, doc. Time’s almost up, you know.”

DH: “Oh…?”

JM: “He told me last night.”

DH: “And who is ‘he,’ Julia? The Watcher we talked about before?”

JM: “Psssh. He went away. Said he had better things to do. Left Gabe here, instead.”

DH: “Gabe, eh? And is Gabe the one who told you time is running out?”

JM: “…yeah.”

(Doctor’s note: Patient is growing steadily more agitated. She is displaying many of the symptoms common to withdrawal; unconscious tics, scratching of the arms, and inability to make lasting eye contact.)

DH: “Is he here with us now, Julia?”

JM: “…sort of.”

DH: “Can you elaborate?”

JM: “He’s lots of places, all the time. Under a bed in London. Behind a curtain in Detroit. Buried in a cave-in in Russia. Floating in a lake in Brazil. Screaming inside my head. Standing right behind you.”

DH: ”What did you just say?”

(Transcriptionist’s note: Doctor’s voice is noticeably alarmed. Patient’s voice takes on the tone of someone who has been sedated.)

JM: “He’s right behind you. And he’s not happy about me talking to you about him. Gabe wants to be quiet, be a secret, and if too many people know about him, he gets mad.”

DH: “Julia… Julia, sit down, please. Put that down… Julia. Julia!”

(Transcriptionist’s note: Doctor’s voice cuts off abruptly with thick gurgling sounds. Patient begins laughing. Recording ends.)

File submitted as evidence in the trial of the State of Nevada vs. Julia MacPherson in the matter of the murder of Elias Haviland.


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