Open Your Hearts?

OverInquisitive Badger, reporting to from New Orleans, LA:

At least seventeen people have been hospitalized recently, having been discovered in their homes in states best described as “catatonic,” this reporter learned today. Hospital staff, who requested they not be identified, are at a loss as to what has caused this condition, stating only that it does not appear to be contagious, has not been caused by any bacterial or viral agent currently known, and other than the patients unresponsiveness to most external stimuli, appears to have caused no lasting physical or mental harm.

The victims, ranging in age from seventeen to eighty-three, all had a number of factors in common, however; factors that are being kept from the mainstream media and said to be nothing more than coincidence by the few in the know. We at the Insider believe differently, however.

Fact: All the victims were discovered in their homes with their televisions or computers on. In each case, the device was tuned to Reverend Jones’ Prayer of Absolution, a recently established 24 hour religious programming network.

Fact: All of the victims had recently contributed to Reverend Jones’ charity, with values ranging from $5 (the seventeen year old) to $12,000 (a recently divorced 33 year old mother of two, who apparently refinanced her home to obtain the funds).

Fact: All of the victims had, according to friends and family, been in the habit of attempting to convince others that they “should let the light and knowledge of Gabri-el (Reporter’s Note: Specifically stated to be different from the “Gabriel” referenced in the traditional Judaic traditions) into their hearts and minds,” and that “His love will lead you to true ascension.”

Fact: All of the victims have a small mark, looking somewhat like a stylized numeral seven, appearing burned into the flesh at the base of their throats. This mark has been variously identified as an aborted tattoo attempt, a birthmark, an old scar, or poor post mortem photography.

What does this mean, loyal readers? This reporter is concerned there is more here than meets the eye… and the CDC isn’t up to handling the task.

More information as it becomes available.

OverInquisitive Badger Out.


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