Teleportation, now? Aliens? Tennessee Teens Find Something

Things keep getting weirder down Tennessee way; you might have seen our post last month about the rash of skunk ape sightings, or the one from two weeks ago where a lady supposedly was cured of cancer by well-meaning aliens, but this just might take the cake.

You’ve heard about the Sensebaugh Tunnel, right? The magical portal to all things ghostly, haunted by a veritable cornucopia of spooks, including a deranged old man, a murderous hitchhiker, and a phantom baby? Well, on September 27th, a gang of teenagers, intent on proving the existence of the paranormal to all of YouTube, got a bit more than they bargained for when they headed into the tunnel.

The video clip they recorded – which has unfortunately since been removed – starts off normal enough; lots of bad night-vision camera, screwing around, girly shrieks and exclamations of “what was that?!” every time a shadow drifted across their vision. But apparently the kids’ camera shut off suddenly, and according to one of those involved, what happened next was even weirder.

“We saw this chick come stumbling along the tunnel. She was naked, and covered in some kind of black goo, and had a kid with her. She seemed high or something,” Tricia Kenrickson claims.

The teenagers, after getting over their initial fright – Tricia claims that her boyfriend, LaMar Rogers, was in favor of “braining her like a sow and getting the hell out of there” – decided to provide aid to the woman, loaning her a pair of sweats and a jacket before swaddling the infant in another shirt and bringing the pair to the hospital.

“She didn’t really start making sense the whole time. Was asking where the Reverend was, and what the baby’s name was. She was starting to freak me out. Plus she smelled bad. Like a burned matchbook, kinda.”

After leaving the woman in the care of EMTs – and receiving a stern warning not to go traipsing about tunnels in the dark from local Sherrif Edwin Perlmutter – Tricia’s part in our story ends. But the weirdness doesn’t stop there.

The woman was identified as Allison James, of New Orleans, LA; according to authorities, before turning up in the tunnel she had been hospitalized in her hometown, reportedly catatonic alongside as many as twenty others. She had been discovered missing during a routine room check on the 26th; how she crossed the nearly 750 miles between the two locations in a single day, apparently without benefit of a vehicle or remembering how she did it remains a mystery. A further mystery is the child with her; DNA testing has shown that the child is her own, but there is no record of Ms. James having any children, and there does not appear to be any record of the apparently three month old infant to be found anywhere thusfar.

More disturbing is that Ms. James apparently similarly disappeared from her room at Sister Mercy sometime between midnight on the 29th and four AM on the 30th; the few pieces of clothing that had been donated to her, a small golden crucifix and a newspaper article about her assumed catatonic state were left behind in her room. Her apparent son was likewise abandoned.

Authorities are looking into the matter, while hospital staff is currently looking after the child, who they are calling Michael.

How long before the aliens arrive is all I want to know.

  • Article posted to “The Truth is Right Here” online webzine, October 1st, 2015.

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