Devil Worship and Graffiti?

Detroit, MI:

Shop owners are getting tired of cleaning these demonic symbols from their walls every other day; in the middle of the night, individuals variously described as “cultists,” “gang members,” “punks” and “nuts” make a point of targeting electronics stores with seemingly arcane, occult or devilish symbols alongside what appear to be snippets of poetry, invocations or other appeasements to dark gods.

“Barbatos is coming; hile, the horned hunter,” says one.

“For though eyeless, he sees all; through the sight of his dogs he seeks the betrayer,” says another.

“Oh, Barbatos, grant me the strength of your hounds that I may serve with their loyalty. Accept my sacrifice,” says a third.

Barbatos is a demonic figure, mentioned in passing in the works of Crowley, and often equated with one of the Grigori – fallen angels, colloquially referred to as “The Watchers” – or the Gaelic Wild Hunt; among the tasks he is reputed to perform is seeking those who have escaped Hell’s vengeance and dragging them back for their proper punishment.

Similar incidents of such “demonic” graffiti have been on the rise in recent months, with hundreds of cases reported…

– Except from article posted on “What’s Really Happening Today?” website.


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