Someone found the audio…

Hey, dudes; was poking around the servers for that paranormal wannabe ezine, found something. Seems to be the missing audio files from their interview last week. Couldn’t get ahold of the video files, though; got busted, had to d/c. I’ll try again later.

Audio quality is shit; I don’t know if they’re taping through the telephone or what, but the other sounds come through just fine. You can hear ’em during the response, pretty faintly, but as soon as the High Overlord Manager shuts his gob, it comes up even more clearly. No freakin clue what it is… but it scares the hell out of me.

Link’s below. Check it out. If someone finds the rest of the interview or the video, hit me up; way too curious about this.


One response to “Someone found the audio…

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