It’s Quiet. Too Quiet.

I’ve had my ears on for the last 48 hours straight. Nothing. Nada. Zip. There’s little nuggets, like that kid finding the audio – and I’d lay good money on that being EVP, and not of Casper the Friendly Ghost asking where the restroom is – but nothing big.

That’s not good.

When they go active, start a frenzy like we’ve been seeing the last few weeks, they’re building towards something. They either accomplish it or get their butts kicked back downstairs. Nothing in any of the journals says they’ve ever just… stopped.

That’s why I don’t think they have. They’re gearing up for something. We saw phase one; that was them putting their ducks in a row. Now they’re setting those ducks to watch and wait, and whatever reason they’ve got for doing it, it can’t be good for us.

So keep your eyes peeled. You want to beat the enemy, you have to think like the enemy, and in this case it means watching. If any of you hear of anything – abso-fuckin-lutely anything – that seems even the slightest bit off kilter, you get me on the horn and call for backup. You hear me?

We’re not dealing with the larvals this time. Something worse crawled out of that hole, and it’s smarter than the usual rank and file we see around here. So pony up and get your shit together, boys.

It’s go time.

  • Anonymous post discovered on a subdeddit and duplicated 3-kun board.

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