Old Legends? Bible Story Time?

In the beginning, there were seven among them. Each with a duty and a charge. In time, their duties grew to become all-consuming, their charges an obsession, until at last they were fractured by their growing madness.

Locked in the bowels of the earth, the seven fell to rage. Denied the opportunity to perform their duties, separated from their charges, they fell on each other. Being made from the primal forces that predate creation, they could not die.

But they could suffer.

The material of their bodies, cleaved from them, came in time to become land. From the featureless void, mountains of stinking flesh, rivers of rancid blood and clouds of toxic tidal breath were born. The seven saw this, and were pleased.

Their efforts grew stronger, the violence inflicted on each other ever growing. The forgemaster turned his attention to the land they had birthed and clawed weapons from the unwilling and still screaming ground. Soon the others had emulated him, their designs growing more twisted and brutal as the aeons flowed past.

But then something changed. Something else found its way to their realm, something made of screaming meat and ripe with as-yet-untainted dreams. Turning their tricks against it, they learned of where it had come from; a place filled with thousands of creatures like it, not yet destroyed with hatred and violence.

From the one they now call Seth, the seven learned of Earth. Of Humanity. They learned that their charges still lived, after a fashion, and humans venerated them as gods. Their charges had even gone so far as to usurp the seven’s duties.

After a time, they made Seth compliant. They sent him back into the world, with one single command.

“Bring more to us.”

And he obeyed.

But one among the seven did not find this pleasing. One among the seven began to fear that they had been imprisoned for a deserving reason. One among them found something new in his character: doubt.

With doubt came a shift in his being. Formerly, he had been the Slayer. His duty was to kill, never to question.

But now he would become the Warrior.

Ex Inferis Warrior


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