News from Phoenix…

October 5th, 2015 – The central offices and warehouse of Coyote Book Scavengers were ravaged by fire at some point in the early hours; according to authorities, there are no indications that the fire was deliberately set at this time, but they are not yet classifying this as an accident.

The online retailer’s base of operations has been suffering a rash of bad luck lately, with one of their employees, Darius Reed, reported missing, another severely injured in a workplace accident, and increasing amounts of as-yet-unexplained vandalism. In the wake of this latest occurrence, it is likely they will be shuttering their doors for good.

“It’s unfortunate, what has happened here,” an employee who requested they not be identified said. “But I have to admit I’m sort of glad, as well. Things haven’t felt right since Darius went missing. Maybe now this run of bad luck will finally blow over.”

Authorities are requesting that anyone with information about the fire or who might have been in the area between the hours of midnight to four AM contact them.


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