That’s it, I’m moving…

Kept hearing these weird noises out the window; chuffing, snarling. Sounded like someone’s dog was loose or something.

The girlfriend told me to go out there and see what was up. She refused to get out of bed. Claimed she was “comfy,” but I’m betting “scared” is more accurate.

So I go out there, and see… well, fuck, I don’t know what I saw. But something was sure as shit out there. Snapped a pic, and whatever it was seemed to know I’d done it… and didn’t like it. It turned towards me, started to charge. I booked it back in the house. Fast. Whatever it was, it didn’t seem to have any interest in following me inside. God knows why.

Been up all night. The picture didn’t come out right. There’s some weird distortion instead of… whatever I saw. For one thing, what I saw was glowing green, and looked a lot bigger. Hell with this. Leave it to the Ghostfacers or something. I’ve had enough. Between that, the girlfriend swearing she’s talked to a little girl that no one else can see out in the automobile graveyard that is her back 40, the constant nightmares and dealing with the property owners every other day, this place is just not worth it.

Maybe someone out there can make sense of it. Or hell, I’ll turn over the lease agreement, if any of you are crazy like Danzig and want to try your hand at living in a haunted house. Pic’s below.

It is not okay to contact this poster regarding other products or services.

Attachment: Freaky_Shit.jpg

Backyard Spook








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