About all those odd posts…

Regulars to the site might have noticed a number of odd posts popping up, most commonly at 3:33 in the morning (at least in my time zone), and have probably guessed already that they’re tied to something larger.

I had hoped to drag it on for roughly another week, leading to an announcement and release on October 31st. Unfortunately, due to having lost several days due to internet connectivity problems, then another several days for hardware malfunctions, replacements and retraining, that’s not likely to happen.

I’m doing my best to get things pulled together for a Halloween release, and I can promise that there will at the very least be some form of formal announcement/news on that wonderful day, but alas, I do not think I shall have a new book available before Thanksgiving unless the gods are very, very kind… at least the ones that govern the forces of the internet (which, when it’s not cooperating, means I can’t use any of my editing software) and the weather (which, when they aren’t cooperating, mean that shuffling to the chair, let alone sitting in it for more than 10 minutes, isn’t happening).

At the very least I can tell you this much; what’s coming is called Ex Inferis. It will probably be a series of 7 short-ish (10-15k words or so) eBooks. Depending on response and demand, there may be a print edition collection, or there may be more individual stories, or both. There will be a tie-in series over on YouTube, to join the brief clips and promo-type pieces already hanging out over there (hopefully growing in production quality as I purge my mind of “But this is how it was done in Final Cut!” issues and train myself to make Premiere and After Effects do what I want.)

You can expect to see at least another handful of the “weird” posts over the next week or so, which will give a bit more detail on some of the principal characters, and there might be some more of the “slice of life” type posts as well, alongside at least one more promotional video; I have quite a lot of background work done for this, and would love to share all of it in a glut, but I might be having just a little too much fun with it, and I have something resembling a plan for how I want things to play out, so I am trying to stick to it as best I can, aforementioned gods willing.

Thank you, everyone, for your interest and your patience. We’ll do ’em yet, Jacky.


2 responses to “About all those odd posts…

  1. And I thought the weirdness was real. I suppose there’s no Father Christmas either. Anyway, it all sounds very ambitious and of course, like all ambitious plans, prone to the whims and weft of outside forces. It’s as if there really is something out there out to get you…

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