X-Files Coming Back… and I already hate the fanbase

So, if you weren’t aware, The X-Files is due to make (another) comeback next year; if you’re interested, here’s some info on the upcoming series. That’s all fine and well, though I don’t know that I’ll watch it; obsessed as I was with the show when it was on, the mania had passed by the time the second movie came out, and recent attempts to marathon the original series on Netflix haven’t really served to reignite that old passion.

But it did serve to amuse me as I was skipping around the internet reading up on the new series and double-checking my memory of events. There’s apparently a “new” fanbase, drawn primarily from the second film and the upcoming series… and they make my head hurt.

I try not to be one of those “I liked this back when” people; you know, the ones who somehow think just because an individual arrives late to the party that they should be barred entrance or somehow made to feel inferior. I try to be more of a welcoming sort, the one who says “Yes, this is awesome, and it’s a pity you didn’t realize it until now, but you can catch up.” I try. I sometimes fail.

One of those failures came while browsing forums, upon which I found dozens of folks expressing how awesome the show was and how great is that it’s coming back… but who were completely unaware (or worse, in denial) of one of the major plot points in the series. That being that C.G.B. Spender (also known as the Cigarette Smoking Man, the Cancer Man and Old Smokey, at various points in the series) is series protagonist Fox Mulder’s father.

To be fair, I don’t recall it ever being explicitly stated (though my marathon rewatch hasn’t caught up to Spender’s “retirement” or his impromptu brain surgery attempts on his two sons, where it might come up, and I also seem to recall Jeffery Spender being aware of it and stating it fairly explicitly to Scully and/or Krycek, though don’t remember when or where that happened) but it’s certainly very heavily implied in a number of episodes up through season 4, at least.

When attempting to point this out, I witnessed the wonders of the internet in full swing; give someone anonymity, take away their literacy, and point them in the direction of something in pop culture that they can fixate on, you end up with a feeding frenzy of stupid aggressive insults any time you try to hold discourse.

My favorite was “shut up u faggit i know whre u live. little Bitch.” In reply to a thread that was discussing why CSM didn’t just gank Mulder when he had the chance (ignoring the fact that CSM often let Mulder run around for disinformation purposes, a reluctance to make him a martyr and start a crusade, or that Mulder was occasionally at least as useful to him as a pawn or agent as Krycek or Spender and had the advantage of not being two-faced and manipulative about their relationship) I pointed out a reluctance to murder his “better” son (since, unlike Spender, Mulder has never “failed” the CSM; aggravated, countered and occasionally injured, but never failed). This set off a cavalcade of responses that claim they’re not related, and that the CSM is just stupid, ending with insults and threats. Yes, yes, I know… “Welcome to the internet.”

Still. Two things, if one chooses to identify themselves as “huge fans” of something: One, know the damn material. You can argue all day about the specifics or the conspiracies, but at least have some reference points, please. Two: Grow up. Read a book. Walk outside. Remember that you are ostensibly a human (or an alien hybrid spying on us for the Syndicate…) and that the other little icons on the screen are the same, so behave like it.

Actually, I think that sums up my opinion on humans as a whole. Behave like humans… or someone will shoot you like a dog. (Why is that an expression, anyway? How often do we really go around shooting dogs? Why!? Think of the puppies!)


See? Think of the puppies!

Okay. Back to work, now.


4 responses to “X-Files Coming Back… and I already hate the fanbase

    • Actually just saw that episode (It’s Season 4, Episode 23, “Demons”) and while her response to his accusations/questions is ambiguous (and he’s delusional at the time he does it), it’s still there… I really don’t know how anyone can deny the possibility at this point, especially not self-identifying “fans.”

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