Christmas Shopping Woes

Don’t buy anything from JoAnne’s. Seriously. Like ever. I say that not as a former abused employee, or just to be petulant, but because they’re literally the dumbest company ever.

Two weeks ago, I placed an order. I did so reluctantly, and only because the primary item I needed for a Christmas present was only available through them. I’d not give them a dime if I was able to accomplish this in any other fashion. Since I was already on their site, and already being gouged by their ridiculous shipping costs (Oh, but hey, there’s a coupon that’ll knock it down to only $4! Yeah. $4 for a hundred dollar item that weighs all of two pounds. Better than the original $17. Asshats. Or perhaps I’m just spoiled by Amazon or ThriftBooks, which charge me a buck or two, at most, and usually nothing at all, especially if I’m spending that much money.) I went ahead and added the accessory items required for the centerpiece.

I received an email on Friday stating my items had shipped. Hooray. Only took ’em two weeks to do it. But whatever. Should be here by Christmas.

Then, this morning, I get an e-mail telling me that the primary item is no longer available, will not be shipped, and a refund has been issued.

“Well, bugger,” says I. Then I go, and discover they only refunded the original item, not the add-ons. Then I discover I can’t have the add-ons refunded as they were “special sale items ineligible for cancellation or refund.”

So now I’m going to be stuck with this crap that I have no need of. Whatever, fine. I’ll find a purpose to put them to, I suppose, and they weren’t that expensive. But still… it takes two weeks to tell me you shipped it, then after you tell me it’s shipped, you say “Oh, sorry, never mind!”? C’mon JoAnne’s. That’s some BS right there.

Have I mentioned I hate both retailers and Christmas? There’s a reason I try to stick to Wally World and Amazon whenever possible.


One response to “Christmas Shopping Woes

  1. I’ve never shopped at a JoAnne’s before, and I’m glad that I haven’t. Thank you for sharing your personal experience. And I won’t be referring any friends to the company, as well.

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