Musings About Murder

I keep finding myself thinking about a character who eggs an associate into committing murders so they can claim psychic abilities and help “solve” the crimes. (Framing whoever they feel deserves it, not the associate, of course.)

This train of thought has not been helped by recent Netflix binges regarding the use of psychics in criminal cases (which is probably way more common than most people realize, even if it seems, statistically, to be a crapshoot and hardly better than throwing darts or playing the Jump to Conclusions game from Office Space.)

Of course, since I’m apparently physically and mentally incapable of not cramming something supernatural into my thinking, I found myself wondering: “What if this fraud was eventually caught, but then actually gained psychic insight into a murder? What would happen? Who would believe them?”

Yeah. I probably need therapy.


4 responses to “Musings About Murder

  1. I rather like that idea, actually – that he starts out as a fraud but then gains psychic abilities and probably isn’t believed. Keep pondering. It has legs, I reckon.

  2. And here I thought bingeing on Star Trek episodes has kept me up at night. If I begin thinking about murder and psychics, I’m sure I’d be an insomniac by now!

    Nevertheless, great premise for a plot in a story. Run with it and see what you can come up with. You may surprise yourself.

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