Is it just me, or…

…is anyone else tired of everything that gets published being a damn trilogy? And then later, adding more books even though they were initially marketed as a trilogy? I mean, it was clever when Hitchhikers did it,  it was part of the gag, but… damn.

And is anyone else sick of the resulting spillover into film, where we not only have to drown you in three 2.5 hour long extravaganzas, but the last book inevitably will become two 2.5 hour long movies (released months apart, of course, to stimulate those DVD sales so you actually remember what happened with the cliffhanger!) Or, even worse – and I’m looking at you, The Hobbit – when we drag out something that was just fine being all on its lonesome into three films? (Because, apparently, we can cram three 500+ page books into three 3 hour long films, but one 250 page book needs three 2.5 hour long movies to tell the story.)

Can’t anyone just write a bloody story that has a beginning and a middle and an end, and if sequels come, let them happen naturally instead of making you feel like you should have gotten one 800 page book (or one 2 hour movie) instead of three 400 pagers that waste a whole lot of time on inconsequential crap and recapping things that happened last time? Must everyone be the slave of the Almighty Format of the Gods that has predominated the last decade or so? Hell, even fanfiction is running this way. It’s just ridiculous.

I don’t know if its the readers, the writers or the marketing gurus at the publishing houses, but I really feel like this needs to stop. Soon.


2 responses to “Is it just me, or…

  1. I would comment on this, but I’m working on book three of five which is part of a bigger parallel series of twelve books, hopefully to be adapted to film, spin-off TV series and graphic novels. Catch you later…

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